Development of Novel Vaccines


Adults and children today are the benefactors of more than a century of research and development that has resulted in a great variety of licensed vaccines. Vaccine coverage in developed countries is, on the whole, exceptional, and has led to an expectation of a long and healthy life for most children born in this setting. However, it is possible to falsely conclude that the major infectious disease challenges are addressed and few novel vaccine targets remain. There is in fact an endless variety of common pathogens, emerging infections and potential pandemics that will continue to plague humans and drive the need for further discovery, and innovation. The past successes and new challenges will undoubtedly stimulate the vaccinologists of the world to move new ideas down the long and hard slog to testing and approval. These past successes and current challenges, and, the general momentum of vaccine science today, has stimulated an unprecedented level of R&D surrounding novel and existing vaccines. The growth of international markets, more sophisticated and complex regulatory pathways, NGO commitments to the developing world unmet needs have made vaccine licensure ever more a daunting challenge. With this setting in mind, the new book, Development of Novel Vaccines by Gabain and Klade is a welcome resource.

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A Gabain, C Klade. Development of Novel Vaccines. Springer publis 2012.

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Novel vaccines
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Development of Novel Vaccines