CLE polypeptide signaling gene expression in Arabidopsis embryos


The CLAVATA3 (CLV3)/ESR-related (CLE) family of small polypeptides mediate intercellular signaling events in plants. The biological roles of several CLE family members have been characterized, but the function of the majority still remains elusive. We recently performed a systematic expression analysis of 23 Arabidopsis CLE genes to gain insight into the developmental processes they may potentially regulate during vegetative and reproductive growth. Our study revealed that each Arabidopsis tissue expresses one or more CLE genes, suggesting that they might play roles in many developmental and/or physiological processes. Here we determined the expression patterns of nine Arabidopsis CLE gene promoters in mature embryos and compared them to the known expression patterns in seedlings. We found that more than half of these CLE genes have similar expression profiles at the embryo and seedling stages, whereas the rest differ dramatically. The implications of these findings in understanding the biological processes controlled by these CLE genes are discussed.

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J Jun, E Fiume, AH Roeder, L Meng, VK Sharma, KS Osmont, C Baker, CM Ha, EM Meyerowitz, LJ Feldman, JC Fletcher. Comprehensive analysis of CLE polypeptide signaling gene expression and overexpression activity in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 2010; 154: 1721- 36.
PMID: 20884811 DOI: 10.1104/pp.110.16368

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CLE polypeptide signaling gene expression in Arabidopsis embryos