BAR domain competition during directional cellular migration


While directed cellular migration facilitates the coordinated movement of cells during development and tissue repair, the precise mechanisms regulating the interplay between the extracellular environment, the actin cytoskeleton, and the overlying plasma membrane remain inadequately understood.   The BAR domain family of lipid binding, actin cytoskeletal regulators are gaining greater appreciation for their role in these critical processes.  BAR domain proteins are involved as both positive and negative regulators of endocytosis, membrane plasticity, and directional cell migration.  This review focuses on the functional relationship between different classes of BAR domain proteins and their role in guiding cell migration through regulation of the endocytic machinery.  Competition for key signaling substrates by positive and negative BAR domain endocytic regulators appears to mediate control of directional cell migration, and may have wider applicability to other trafficking functions associated with development and carcinogenesis.

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BAR domain competition during directional cellular migration