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Paterson Institute for Cancer Research
The University of Manchester

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A Note to Potential Authors

Page and color charges are waived for the first year of publication and the final version of accepted manuscripts will be posted on the web site promptly. Any content posted on the web site from now until January 2013 will be open access free of charge.

Journal Description

h bioscience is an academic journal comprised of a community of highly successful scientific and editorial professionals dedicated to the trustworthy and effective exchange of ideas within the scientific community. This mission is achieved through the rapid and unbiased review of communicated manuscripts in the fields of biology and medicine.

h bioscience’s editorial board will consist of luminaries in the field with h-factor’s exceeding 50, consistent with their profound impact on science and medicine. In contrast to other peer-reviewed journals, our h-Editors are charged with ensuring that unbiased reviews are solicited, and that all editorial decisions are made rapidly and based solely on sound scientific principles.

h bioscience’s editorial board will therefore be directly and uniquely involved with the continued development of the impact, scope and visibility of the journal.

The overarching goal of h bioscience is to publish research that is of the highest quality and relevance. These publications will be chosen by the h-Editors based on the sole criteria that they will significantly impact our understanding of human biology and advance the field of medicine, both in the near term as well as far into the future.

Now Accepting Submissions!

h bioscience utilizes an online submission and tracking system designed to provide efficient service to authors. Through the online system, author files are automatically converted to PDFs, submissions are acknowledged by email, and authors can track their manuscript through the stages of the peer review process. For additional information on how to submit your manuscript, please click here.