Fuzziness: Structural Disorder in Protein Complexes

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ISBN: 978-1-4614-0658-7
Pub Date: 12 Dec 2011
Pages: 214
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Fuzziness: Structural Disorder in Protein Complexes

Monika Fuxreiter
Institute of Enzymology
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Peter Tompa
Institute of Enzymology
Biological Research Center
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Budapest, Hungary

About this Book

Detailed characterization of fuzzy interactions will be of central importance for understanding the diverse biological functions of intrinsically disordered proteins in complex eukaryotic signaling networks. In this volume, Peter Tompa and Monika Fuxreiter have assembled a series of papers that address the issue of fuzziness in molecular interactions. These papers provide a broad overview of the phenomenon of fuzziness and provide compelling examples of the central role played by fuzzy interactions in regulation of cellular signaling processes and in viral infectivity. These contributions summarize the current state of knowledge in this new field and will undoubtedly stimulate future research that will further advance our understanding of fuzziness and its role in biomolecular interactions.

Table of Contents

1. Fuzzy Complexes: a More Stochastic View of Protein Function
Monika Fuxreiter and Peter Tompa

2. Dynamic Fuzziness During Linker Histone Action
Steven J. McBryant and Jeffrey C. Hansen

3. Intrinsic Protein Flexibility in Regulation of Cell Proliferation: Advantages for Signaling and Opportunities for Novel Therapeutics
Ariele Viacava Follis, Charles A. Galea and Richard W. Kriwacki

4. Interplay Between Protein Order, Disorder and Oligomericity in Receptor Signaling
Alexander B. Sigalov

5. Consequences of Fuzziness in the NFΚB/IΚBα Interaction
Elizabeth A. Komives

6. Roles for Intrinsic Disorder and Fuzziness in Generating Context‑Specific Function in Ultrabithorax, a Hox Transcription Factor
Sarah E. Bondos and Hao‑Ching Hsiao

7. Molecular Recognition by the EWS Transcriptional Activation Domain
Kevin A.W. Lee

8. The Measles Virus NTAIL‑XD Complex: An Illustrative Example of Fuzziness
Sonia Longhi

9. Fuzziness in the Core of the Human Pathogenic Viruses HCV and HIV
Roland Ivanyi‑Nagy and Jean‑Luc Darlix

10. Structural Disorder and Protein Elasticity
Sarah Rauscher and Régis Pomès

11. “Fuzziness” in the Cellular Interactome: A Historical Perspective
G. Rickey Welch