Bacterial Integrative Mobile Genetic Elements

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ISBN: 978-1-58706-660-3
Pub Date: 3 Jan 2013
Pages: 336
Color Pages: 2
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Tables: 26

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Bacterial Integrative Mobile Genetic Elements


About this Book

As our understanding of mobile genetic elements continues to grow we are gaining a deeper appreciation of their importance in shaping the bacterial genome and in the properties they confer to their bacterial hosts. These include, but are by no means limited to, resistance to antibiotics, and heavy metals, toxin production and increased virulence, production of antibiotics and the ability to utilize a diverse range of metabolic substrates. We are also gaining an understanding of diversity of these elements and their interactions with each other; a property which continually complicates any attempt to classify them. We are learning more about the molecular mechanisms by which they translocate to new genomic sites both within genomes and between different bacteria. This book provides a timely, state of the art update on the properties of an important selection of different bacterial integrative mobile genetic elements and the myriad of different ways in which they move and influence the biology of the host bacterium. The chapters are all written by authors who have undertaken pioneering work in their respective fields, making this book vital reading for all who are interested in the biology of bacteria and the mobile elements they carry.

Table of Contents

1. Transposon Tn7
Zaoping Li, Nancy L. Craig and Joseph E. Peters

2. Mercury Resistance Transposons
Sofia Mindlin and Mayya Petrova

3. Integrons: Antibiotic Resistance Evolution and Beyond
Piklu Roy Chowdhury, H.W. Stokes and Maurizio Labbate

4. Inteins and Introns
Kristen S. Swithers and J. Peter Gogarten

5. Restriction‑Modification Systems as Mobile Epigenetic Elements
Yoshikazu Furuta and Ichizo Kobayashi

6. Mobile Genetic Elements in the Genus Bacteroides, and Their Mechanism(s) of Dissemination
Mai Nguyen and Gayatri Vedantam

7. Mobilisable Genetic Elements from the Clostridia
Vicki Adams, Priscilla A. Johanesen, Julian I. Rood and Dena Lyras

8. pSAM2, a Paradigm for a Family of Actinomycete Integrative and Conjugative Elements
Emilie Esnault, Alain Raynal and Jean‑Luc Pernodet

9. The Tn916/Tn1545 Family of Conjugative Transposons
Lena Ciric, Azmiza Jasni, Lisbeth Elvira de Vries, Yvonne Agersø, Peter Mullany and Adam P. Roberts

10. Tn1549 and Closely Related Elements
Thierry Lambert

11. The Tn4371 ICE Family of Bacterial Mobile Genetic Elements
Rob Van Houdt, Ariane Toussaint, Michael P. Ryan, J. Tony Pembroke, Max Mergeay and Catherine C. Adley

12. The Integrative and Conjugative Element ICEBs1 of Bacillus subtilis
Melanie B. Berkmen, Stephanie J. Laurer, Bridget K. Giarusso, and Rodrigo Romero

13. Integrating Conjugative Elements of the SXT/R391 Family
Geneviève Garriss and Vincent Burrus

14. Excision and Transfer of Bacteroides Conjugative Integrated Elements
Abigail A. Salyers, Jeffrey F. Gardner and Nadja B. Shoemaker

15. Integrative and Conjugative Elements Encoding DDE Transposases
Violette Da Cunha, Romain Guérillot, Mathieu Brochet and Philippe Glaser

16. The clc Element and Related Genomic Islands in Proteobacteria
Ryo Miyazaki, Marco Minoia, Nicolas Pradervand, Vladimir Sentchilo, Sandra Sulser, Friedrich Reinhard
and Jan Roelof van der Meer

17. Pathogenicity Island Evolution: A Distinct New Class of Integrative Element or a Mosaic of Other Elements?
Michael G. Napolitano and E. Fidelma Boyd

18. Staphylococcal Cassette Chromosome (SCC): A Unique Gene Transfer System in Staphylococci
Teruyo Ito, Sae Tsubakishita, Kyoko Kuwahara‑Arai, Xiao Han and Keiichi Hiramatsu